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2 July 2012
SMSFun at Loyalty & Churn Conference

The SMSFun team will be presenting acquisition & retention in social media at the Loyalty & Churn Conference in Nice, France.

25 February 2012
SMSFun at Mobile World Congress

Meet and greet the acquisition, retention & loyalty experts in Barcelona.

1 August 2011
Optus partners with SMSFun

Optus chooses SMSFun to drive online customer acquisition and reduce churn.


Customer Acquisition for Mobile Operators

AcquisitionSMSFun is focused on delivery of new subscribers for mobile operators.

Mobile operators are finding it increasingly more difficult to 'win over' new prepaid and postpaid subscribers given the increased competition, market saturation and mobile penetration over 100% in many countries around the world.

What if thousands of new customers wanted to join your network, where price was not their main concern. Where they encouraged friends, family and business colleagues to join your network, and increased loyalty, higher spend and increased ARPU was achieved with one simple managemetn tool?

Drive new mobile customer acquisitions
Using the power of social media, SMSFun deploys deep physiological points all over the community on key touchpoints, immersing the customer in your brand and leveraging the power of your goodwill. This process of aligning your network brand with the customer's peer group helps to create buzz, heighten excitement, and ultimately motivate them to change mobile providers.

Benefits for Mobile Operators:
  • SMSFun can deliver thousands of new subscribers to your network every month.
  • Increased subscriber loyalty, boosting overall ARPU.
  • Decreased customer acquisition costs - why pay more?
  • Fast, effective and sustainable methods for capturing new subscriber base.

SMSFun's MCAP platform can boost new prepaid acquisitions by 10% while reducing churn by up to 20%.

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