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Fun Tools is available for everyone who has completed their profile!

You can enjoy access to all the Fun Tools features once you have completed your profile.

See who's viewing your Smsfun profile and who's voting for you in the Hottest Member Contests. Finally a way to backtrack and find out who's checking out your profile. Fun Tools is a VIP feature which you now have unlimited access to for a limited time.

With the SMSFun Profile Detective you can keep an eye on your profile and see who's been checking you out ;) Want to know where all your votes in the monthly "Hottest Member" competition came from? Now you can see who has been voting for you and return the favour!
check out Profile Detective check out Vote Inspector now!
Keep track of your Joobz! See when you used them, when you earned them. Get updated on new prizes and competitions involving Joobz! Have too many Joobz? or feel like being kind to a friend and donate yours? Well you can now transfer Joobz between users. (must have a Gold account)
check out Joobz History now! check out Joobz Transfer now!
Want to send an email and have it delivered to a mobile phone via SMS? Well now you can with EMAIL 2 SMS. Want to find out which SMSFun members have you on their phonebook contact list?
check out Email 2 SMS now! check out Phonebook Stalker now!


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