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SMS Dictionary

SMS shorthand abbreviations

As SMS has evolved, so has language, and the way we communicate with each other. Words have been shortend, (M8), changed, and in some places acronyms (FFS, FTW etc) have been made to shorten the SMS character usage. Below is a guide to SMS smileys, acronyms & abbreviations so you can get the most into your Free SMS.

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# Description
-:-) Punk
:- #Razes
~([email protected]>) Pig
-6% Not very clever
:-X Not saying a word
:-|/:-I No face/poker face
<:-| Monk / Nun
@@@@:) Marge Simpson
:-{} Lip stick
:-D Laugher
:-* Kiss
%-} Intoxicated
(_8^(!) Homer Simpson
:-~) Having a cold
:) Happy Smile
(-: Happy Smile
:' ) Happy and crying
8:-) Glasses on head
<*((((< Fish
S:) Elvis Smiling
\_/\_/ Drinks For Two
:-| Determined
*<:o) Clown
<|-) Chinese
:-< Cheated
:^) Broken nose
:-o zz Bored
@ at
:-|| Angry
O :-) An angel
@}---\- A rose
<3 A Heart
:-( Sad
:( Sad without nose
:-9 Salivating
:-\ Sceptical
: @ Shouting
:-(0) Shouting
(-.-) Sleeping
|-I Sleeping
:-) Smiley
:-)= Smiling with a beard
#:-) Smiling with a fur hat
:-)8 Smiling with bow tie
d:-) Smiling with cap
&:-) Smiling with curls
8-) Smiling with glasses
{:-) Smiling with hair
(:-) Smiling with helmet
:-( ) Smiling with mouth open
C|:-) Smiling with top hat
[:-) Smiling with walkman
:-? Smoking a pipe
|-O Snoring
(_x_) Sore Bum
:p Stick your Tongue out
:-P Sticking Tongue Out
B-) Sunglasses
B:-) Sunglasses on head
:-<> Surprised
:-v Talking
:-w Talking with two tongues
}:-( Toupee blowing in the wind
;-) Twinkle
;) Twinkle without nose
:=) Two noses
=|:-)= Uncle Sam
:-c Unhappy
@:-) Using a turban
>:-( Very angry
:-{) With a moustache
:-O Wow

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