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SMSFun has almost saved my life many times over. Without it I would have been stuck/caught/left or any number of other nasty situations. Thanx guys
Posted by:Nathan from Newcastle

Thankfully sms fun is here for me when im out of pre-paid credit. Its like a ray of light in the darkness that is me all alone with no communication to the outside world. Life saver!!
Posted by:Jacqueline from Orana

Great idea when your out if credit
Posted by:Angela from Kyabram

smsfun is awesome. cool thngs to do and helps u keep in touch when otherwise you couldnt
Posted by:Sheridan from

This is funkin awsome
Posted by:Danni from

Great for when you can't get credit. Would recommend to anyone.
Posted by:Andre from

A great,easy and accessible way to text
Posted by:Martyn from Shifnal

SAVE SAVE SAVE Love the free sms thats all i use unless im out i save heaps of $buy not using my phone just SMS FUN SMS'S
Posted by:Tonia from

Sms fun is so handy for all those times you run out of credit.. I love it.
Posted by:Chantelle from

SMS fun rocks I rarely have phone credit so having SMS fun helps Lots. I recommend to everyone
Posted by:Terri from

Smsfun is so much more than a way to send free texts. It is a great social hangout, with hours of entertainment. The helpful and friendly team at smsfun ensure thay any query or question is answered almost instaneously. Thank you Sms!!! You Rock!
Posted by:Christopher from

They say that nothing is really free but smsfun is close to proving that wrong. One absolutley free sms per day and earning extra joobs for extra txts is so easy and painless it might as well be free. I can keep my old phones useful with no cost for texting people who i don't really know and keep my new phone number for those i want to give it to. Love this site!!
Posted by:Ross from

SMSFun is a great community and an awesome way to send messages.
Posted by:Brad from

Best site for value ever, no hidden fees exactly what promised!
Posted by:John from

SMSFun has saved me a lot! of money sending SMS overseas. Even with some little hickups it's been great saving money
Posted by:James from

I have found it convenient to send texts to mates when i have no credit, although it is hard to gain joobs
Posted by:Aaron from

i have found it so easy to send messages to my family overseas this website makes it wonderful
Posted by:Blair from Christchurch

smsfun is AMAZZZZING :) :).. I can now message my mates at the weekends when i have no credit.. and ssee where the partys are at also contact the mrs and everyone else... SO BIG THANKYOU TO SMSFUN YOU HAVE SAVE ME ALOT OF COSH. :)
Posted by:Lee from

Totally awesome! Convenient!!
Posted by:Bjay from Kings Cross

"Really appreciate all the dedication that has gone into this sites interface and product delivery definitely a referable support service as to enable a communication means and trusting currency Well done To all those that have supported this cause the cost of fine attention to detail delivers an extensive answer to message exchange in an enjoyable fashion delivering me what I want in a website"
Posted by:Simo from Hill of the clouds

Smsfun has been a big life saver for me when i've ran out of credit, also has tones of useful applications! So happy i've found this site!
Posted by:Josh from

SMSFun is the best website I have ever come across. Not only can you send free sms but there are so many more things to do to keep you entertained for hours... Wish I found SMSFun sooner
Posted by:Luke from Newcastle

Posted by:Narelle from

I just love being able to send texts from my computer and for free!! What's not to love.
Posted by:YOLA from

Posted by:Nichole from Rutherford

SMS fun is awesome! it's my saviour when i run out of credit! It's so amazing I just love it so much and recommend it to all my friends XD
Posted by:Hell Pizza from

this is awesome service to keep contack with my beloved once.
Posted by:Kosala from

Posted by:Tru from Brisbane

SMS Fun!!!! O so good! so much fun and prizes and offers to be won, it's great when you get these options! its rare u ever do these days!LOVE!!! plus great place to meet people and so much to do! one of my top 5 for sure ! :))
Posted by:Emmi from Geelong

Best sms site by far! So many fun and cool things to do! :P
Posted by:Dimitris from Melbourne

What a fantastic site, great to come chat to new people and send free texts, I Like it :-)
Posted by:Andrew from

SMSFun is the best!! It's AWESOME! When I find my recharge has run out before payday or my phone is out of charge (whenever caught short really) I can log on from anywhere - all my contacts are there and whip off an SMS or MMS... Fantastic - Even share my photos, status reports and anything else that takes my Fancy.... I LOVE IT!!!
Posted by:Kell from Midland

"SMSFun" - from the word itself, it's a way of getting closer to your family in Australia in a fun and social way.
Posted by:John Bernard from

Sms Fun has saved me alot of $$$ over the years. loving the free texts. and along the way i have met some great friends in the smsfun community! even met the love of my life on here. so i have alot to be thankful for with smsfun!
Posted by:Domica from Hobart

Appreciate the free Joobz, this has come in handy when my credit has maxed out. Thanks again
Posted by:Anita from Kilsyth

SmsFun have saved me a few times in the last few weeks when i really needed to send a txt. Thank you sms fun:)
Posted by:Jenelle from

smsfun has really saved me a few times, I remember I needed to send a text desperately without my fone on hand and SMSFUN came into the rescue, Since then i've never looked back. Thankyou SMSFUN ;)
Posted by:Adrian from Sydney

this website actually works where as many other one claim to work but i tried sending an sms to myself and ive recieved it so.. love this SMSFUN = A+
Posted by:Uwee from

It's really fun sending free messages abroad, makes you feel like they're near yet so far.Thank you SMSFun!
Posted by:Deb from Sorsogon

Sms fun is a great way to make friends too keep intouch and i love the joobz hunt fun
Posted by:Natalie from Cairns

SMSFUN is a great service. Where else can you get free sms texting and a chance to meet people. Thx SMSFUN
Posted by:Vlado from

using smsf is almost like enjoying ur morning coffe+ piece of ur favourite cake or biscuit..just loving it! and the best part is that it don't cost a thing
Posted by:Danijela from

I agree with other people's testimonies altho I'm a lot older than most of u + retired it took me a while 2 navigate the site but smsfun is awsome great
Posted by:Elsje from Blaxland

i just looove smsfun so i can always send messages even when i have no credit left in my phone thanks lorraine from victoria
Posted by:Lorraine from

very nice graphics,refreshing to look and most of all free sms and recieve message quickly
Posted by:Xavier from

SMS Fun is a great way to not only send free txt (that is a great bonus)but also it allows you to meet new people. I love SMS Fun.
Posted by:Misty from Bundaberg

I have used smsfun for longer than I can remember, its saved my ass being able to send important txt's to my boss, friends and family. Like, hey boss cant get to work car wont start can you pick me up, and Hey babe wat you need. It is a great service as well as a social site, much appreciated Thanks SMSFUN!
Posted by:Brad from Newcastle

Being a student, I nearly always run out of credit on my iPhone before payday comes around again... SMSFun saves me every single time. And when I do recharge my phone, I try to keep my Joobs building up so I can get it for free!! It's win win as far as I am concerned!
Posted by:Kelli from Midland

One word, FREE. You cant beat that then add in the fun the competitions and the chance to chat with new people, thats what smsfun.com.au is all about. I'm loving it!!
Posted by:Ian from Adelaide

i love smsfun... i can finally text for free
Posted by:Sam from

sms is the best guys and the ppl on here are so friendly...
Posted by:Natasha from

SMSfun is a great application for sending free text messages. It's very prompt and efficient. Thanks to the developers,
Posted by:Devang from Burwood East

hmmmm bored treasure jooobbbbzzzz mmmm
Posted by:Georgia from Mandurah

It's a great service, fully functioning. I have zero complaints and I recommend everyone to try it as soos as possible! Regards!
Posted by:Nenad from

This is the only SMS site I bother with wicked shit
Posted by:Cass from Hampton East

sms is absolutely awesome!! makes it easy n convenient to stay in touch with people through sms wen out of cred which is great :)
Posted by:Deni from

To SMS fun, thank you. Without SMSfun, I will be out of SMS credits. Thank you.
Posted by:Kon from Mitcham

Only just realized how much more there is to smsfun.Free sms are great but there is so much more.
Posted by:Greg from Perth

SMSfun is REAL handy if you don't have any credit left, and desperately need to send a TXT, and on that basis by itself it's fantastic!!!
Posted by:Steven from Bowen

I LOVE YOU SMSFUN that's all i can say i am out of words <3
Posted by:Push from Craigieburn

SMSfun is amazing
Posted by:Natarsha from Wolvi

i think SMS Fun ROCKS i now no longer need to worry about my mobile credit running out to send an sms and you dont need to complete offers to send free sms on this site like another site i was on, bottom line im addicted to SMS fun, YEAH!!!!!!!
Posted by:Peta from Armadale

i just love its a like a life saver when u need to contact someone really urgent when u have ran out of credit
Posted by:Kimberley from Wollongong

love it,also the free sms is so handy if u run out of credit an its free :)
Posted by:Kelly from

heyy guys :3 SMSFun is really really awesome to use!! you can meet new friends,chat people online and save up money on your credit!!! wow if i knew about this before i would save up alot of money hahaha i already told me friends about this soome of them dont know what they are missing out !!
Posted by:Lyndsay from

I love sms fun!! free texts and competitions are definately a plus and gives you a chance to talk to new people :D you rock sms fun!!
Posted by:Megan from Albury

this is no; 1 top sms site i have def come across it alous u 2 send so many more tx and earn other items as well as joobz nd fre sms its great and any 1 not signed up is missing out on every thing. so gather as many friends as u can 2 make this the very top site for sms as it deserves it all day long
Posted by:Ryan from Kent

"No other site can give you free SMS and services like SMSFun gives. It's a great site you'll fell in love with. You'll feel like you are a member of the family. You meet people and enjoy sending sms to your relatives and friends free. Thanks SMSFun, I love you and will always will!! "
Posted by:Ernani from Mosman

There are so many moments where I have had no credit and it is SMSFun that saves the day. Love it !
Posted by:Freshy from Sydney

SmsFun is the best site, especially when your out of credit :)
Posted by:Caitlin from Newcastle

Smsfun is awesome and complete life saver being able to send a message to any country its better than my phone :)
Posted by:Stacey from Port Kennedy

it keeps me closer to my family and friends in manila :)
Posted by:SHIRLEY from

I am inviting all my friends to join this site .i like it its so cool to send sms for free love it
Posted by:Ina from

I love smsfun more then my girlfriend .... I hope she dosent read this :D
Posted by:Push from

I can't believed this smsfun works pretty good.amazing !!!!! Mabuhay from Philippines
Posted by:Ina from

smsfun is just awesome and the best place to send sms to friends and meet friends.. highly recommended..
Posted by:Paul from

smsfun rocks:)
Posted by:Tashana from

smsfun is cool i had fun with this site giving me a free txt chatting with new friends is amazing love to be part of this site thank you :)
Posted by:Ghalee from

been a sms constant user 4 over a year now ive not only received daily free sms free ive also redeemed over $50 in free call credit from there joobz bonuses keep up the great site Shannon Collins
Posted by:Shannon from The entrance

sms fun is a lifesaver!!! i dunno where id b on creditless days!!!
Posted by:Jessica from

Awesome, Easy to use and I really needed to send a text too. :D
Posted by:Villena from

A true life saver! I just love this site and all the free txting. SMSFUN you rock!
Posted by:Cristina from

SMSFun is such an epic and unique site. I love that if I'm out of credit, I can use the free service to flick a text to a friend. Along with meeting heaps of different people and just having a chat :) It's great fun!
Posted by:Francesca from Auckland

this is the best site ever, it helps keep my overheads down, and saves me so much telephone time. I have no mobile reception where I live, so the advatange of online texting is a big benefit for me
Posted by:Table Talk from NEWCASTE/CENTRAL COAST

this is a great way to keep incontackt with people when u run out of credit of just need to quickly send some1 a txt gret onto it its great i say party hard
Posted by:Jaydan from Salisbury north ayy

Great tool for SMS, saving so much money especially to my mates overseas!!
Posted by:Chez from

SMSFUN is by far the best FREE international sms provider I have come across, it's quick and easy to use aswell as a bit of fun.. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE SMS FUN
Posted by:Kasey from Perth

love this sight more then i love cake and let me tell.you i love the hell.out of a cake
Posted by:Christopher from

this site is so cool now i dont haft to pay the phone company any cash thanks smsfun.co.nz you saved me 70 to 100 dollars a month
Posted by:Cynon from

Have often ran out of credit without realizing it and SMSFUN has been a gem with their free SMS's, and easy way to recharge. Awesome place, have recommended all my friends who now are also members.
Posted by:Kylie from Liverpool

I would definitely recommend smsfun out of all the other free online text web pages cause you can trust smsfun by 100% as there is no spam ! The cool thing about it is you get 40 free texts per day! Saves you money!
Posted by:Belinda from

SMSFUN is by far the best FREE international sms provider I have come across, it's quick and easy to use aswell as a bit of fun due to the social aspect, OH and did I mention you can sms ANY INTERNATIONAL number for FREE!!! I love it!
Posted by:Tamike from Griffith

I'm very busy running 10 very successful websites and racing team, having smsfun right at my finger tips has took my phone out of my hands and that's saving me at least 3 hours a day if not more. Thank you so much
Posted by:Julie from

SMSFun is the bomb! There when you run outta prepaid credit, there to chat to yer mates, post yer fotos, whinge in the forums and vote for the besterest in the land! Just upgraded to Gold - can't wait to get the benefits - paid with PayPal this morning but takes up to 5 days so take this into account when you upgrade, that way you not wondering why you are still on Free status and not Gold!!
Posted by:Kelli from Midland

When i have no credit.. Smsfun is my god. Thats so sad, but true lol
Posted by:Holly from Melbourne

great site, keep it up, more power and God Bless.
Posted by:Warren from

smsfun is so convenient, free and easy to use, lovin it i use it heaps and heaps it is very awesome i recommend it to everyone
Posted by:Patricia from Holden hill

Awesome sauce!
Posted by:Mel from

i really love smsfun its user friendly easy to use and its free
Posted by:Jestine love from

SMSfun is totally awesome!!!
Posted by:Pam from

SMSfun is an absolute godsend if you've run out of credit or your postpaid account has been suspended for whatever reason. It allows you to send short *free* SMS messages, (40 a day!!!!!) to be able to send important messages to people to let them know why you're not messaging them normally or that you have no credit. A lifesaver!
Posted by:Natalie from Morisset, NSW

great for when u hav no credit :) fast and easy to use!
Posted by:Mohammed from

Wow!its so amazing,through SMS FUN i can send free sms,thank you so much...
Posted by:Leonora from

Cool place awesome free txt!
Posted by:Jolene from

Love dis website. it is a life saver when I run out of credit on my phone:-)
Posted by:Mina from Parramatta

SMSFUN is awesome i love it and everyone else should get it, YEAH!!!
Posted by:Josh from

Free sms and forums and chat and some great people, this site is brilliant.
Posted by:Neil from Piratesden

There last so much that you can do with SMSFUN that I am forever getting in trouble at work.
Posted by:Scott from Auckland

i highly recommended signing up to Smsfun. never know one day may need to send a text but dont have the credit or money to recharge . smsfun not only does smsfun offers free texts for joining there is no fees or hidden cost . tons of Special Offers , cheap pre paid recharges, lots of competitions and more. give it a go, try it today . uve nothing to lose . http://www.smsfun.com.au/
Posted by:Mwade from Rockdale

I joined SMSFun out of curiosity. I'm a student and living on a budget, so if I find a way to save money I'll definately try it out. SMSFun turned out not only money-saving but also heaps of fun. Everyday I meet someone new and make new friends!
Posted by:Micol from Sydney

great website! the smsfun team have created an amazing community, a fantastic place to hang out....
Posted by:Lynn from Bunbury

I meet alot of very nice ppl & inflict myself on them... :)) Its way more fun than Face rape on Facebook cause its live..
Posted by:Scott from Brisbane

smsfun is one of the easiest things to use you get free txt and being a paid member also has its great benefits its fast and reliable best web based sms service i have found.
Posted by:Darren from

Being a member here for 4 years and ill be honest it just keeps getting better and better. I have met so many people because of smsfun, so keep on rocking..............yeah we love it
Posted by:Kiley from Dandenong

smsfun is awesome as way better than any other sms site thats why i keep coming back
Posted by:Toni from Brisbane

SMSFUN is great. It has sites from *.com.au, *.co.nz, and *.co.uk - which any member can sign in to and send txt/sms/mms, etc, to anyone basically around the world. This site saves millions of people millions of dollars and is user friendly with a great bunch of people. It's a community of diversity, a multicultural playground that welcomes all. Find your place on SMSFUN today!!
Posted by:John from Palmerston North

SmSFuN is such an awsome Community!! its warm and comforting knowing i can send free sms & earn Joobz just for hanging around..!! :) thanks sooo much & Keep up the good work guys. WE LOVE SMSFUN 4 LIFE!!
Posted by:Elif from

SMSFUN is a great place to meet new people and have alot of fun. everyone is great!
Posted by:Krystal from Epping - Melbourne

Posted by:April from

This place ROCKS. Being on a Pre-Paid Plan means you always run out of call credit before pay day. SMSFun means I can still communicate with anyone I need to without borrowing someone else's phone.
Posted by:Dean from Canberra

SMS Fun saves me so much money and its easy and fun to use! Everyone should try it! Its so addicting!
Posted by:Lucas from

I just found this site I like it free txt will come in handy when when people txt me and I have only got Vodafone credit
Posted by:Daniel from Redcliffe

I use SMSfun all day long. If I lose my phone all my friends are here anyway. Great to keep costs down with Mobile Lookup before I use my phone. Great savings to be found all over the site.
Posted by:Judy from Brisbane

SMSFUN is the best free SMS service in the world, come on its just awesome it does what it says it does unlike others and only charge you if you are a gold member! SOMETIMES I WONDER ABOUT HOW GREAT THE CREATOR MIGHT BE! :P
Posted by:Tony from

SMSFUN , Awesome free txts :) with out any Joobz , I <3 it SMSFUN + joobz = all your friends :D
Posted by:Sinabomber from

Great site
Posted by:Paul from

Free texts, competitions, I even got a gift card for free! And it's Australian - Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie, Free free free!!!
Posted by:Rodney from Murwillumbah

smsfun is the bestests thing ever love the texts its awsome
Posted by:Michael from Raymond terrace

best site ever u can even buy credit!!
Posted by:Toby from

Freaking awesome site! love the txts
Posted by:James from

It's so convinient that you can type in the keyboard instead of the phone to communicate for free! Thank you SMSFUN!
Posted by:Nicola from Sydney

The free texting opportunity is incredibly generous! I also love the fact I can recharge using joobz!!
Posted by:Aaz from Sydney

i love sms fun :)
Posted by:Jesse from

Posted by:ELLANE from PERTH

Great job smsfun, keeping in touch with my family around the world for free xx
Posted by:Sandra from

What a great site! Earn Joobz! Send Free SMS! Buy prizes with the Joobz! You can even recharge your phone!!
Posted by:Nick from Melbourne

Awesome social networking site with the added bonus of free text! Thank-you SMSFUN!
Posted by:Jacqueline from Rockhampton

love this site.. has got me out of trouble when i never had credit.. love it. you guys rock, truly!
Posted by:Caroline from Sydney

thanks for the wonderful service: free sms, prizes, competition Its a cool site and will recommend all my friends & family
Posted by:Ceceilia from

SMSFun Saved my hide when I ran out of credit. Such a Great site :) if I didnt txt my Girlfriend saying I was late for our date, She would have been angry. Thank You SMS Fun
Posted by:Dylan from Perth

Oh my God....this is really awesome.Sending international sms's was a very big problem to me..Thanks to SMSFUN,now i am sending text completely free everyday,,,I thank you to SMSFUN for the great service they are doing to millions of people around the world...SMSFUN is really fun...
Posted by:Sumudu from

Sms the place to be why pay for sms when you can send them for free what a site
Posted by:Shane from

I started looking for a free text service while I was unemployed and couldn't afford to top up my phone credit. Had a period where I couldn't communicate with the world from my phone. Finding this service proved to be a gold worth.
Posted by:Linn from Perth

Smsfun is a great site. Very reliable.
Posted by:Cod from

SMS Fun is awesome, when I am on the road it is a great way to catch up with friends.... thanks guys!
Posted by:Ant from Maudsland

Love the free texts saving me cash which i can use on other things
Posted by:Fiona from

SmS fun is great you too should join and enjoy the free text.
Posted by:Tay from

SMSfun is brilliant I use it all the time to buy credit send texts I could't live with out it.
Posted by:Steve from

Love sms fun a godsend when your outta credit
Posted by:Debbie-gay from Campbelltown

i love sms fun,my bro put me on 2 it,its great for emergencys,it rocks,they say the best things in life r free :)
Posted by:Shontel from

Just saw this and decided I would show my support for this web site, I have been a member since 09, smsfun has bailed me out when phones have been flat, no credit, and I can type a message a lot quicker on a keyboard, thankyou for the service and the free communication.
Posted by:Jet from Castlemaine

Is loving some of the great friends I have made in here! Where else can you find great friends and free texting?
Posted by:Mel from Brisbane

This is a really cool website.. I'm loving it an I'm sure anybody that comes here would enjoy it too.. I'm new to this site but loving it already
Posted by:Katherine from Deniliquin

This is a truly awesome site. What a great way to stay in contact with friends and family with an added bonus of meeting new people with FREE SMS and other great features. LOVE IT !!!
Posted by:John from Malanda

SMS fun is the unique website of its own kind where u meet people can text and MMS them all over the world. I love this site
Posted by:Adeel from Sydney

SMSfun is the greatest!!!!! the free text messages are excellent and it's a great place to meet people and the joobs are an amazing bonus!!!
Posted by:Glen from Brisbane

Smsfun is the best site I have come across and I have met the nicest people on here. LOVE IT!!!!!
Posted by:Bec from Sunny Coast

SMSFun is just fantastic, cool site, fun forums, free texts and the Joobz ultra handy. Luv it!!!
Posted by:John from Wahroonga

I love SMSfun more than a fat kid loves cake!! free sms, awesome competitions and prizes, PLUS INCREDIBLE new hotties EVERY month - what could be better!
Posted by:Brooke from

SMSFun is the way to go. It allows me to keep in contact with my Children,Grand children, brothers and friends. As I am on a disability pension, it sames me money and takes all the hassle of trying to input a message via a key pad. I should have found it years ago.
Posted by:John from

the best free sms site on the web, lots of fun for all
Posted by:Richard from Melbourne

Posted by:Alo from Tehran

superduper love d SMSfun.now i can send txt msgs anytime without loading my cp.its really really cool and awesome =)
Posted by:Anne from Manila

my daughter introduced me to smsfun and i love love it chat and free sms what more do you want
Posted by:Dorothea from Christie downs

I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT! My lifeline when l am out of credit. Thank you smsfun 4 keeping me I'm the loop?
Posted by:Emma from Mill Park

SmsFun is the next big thing in the website/social networking industry, for me it's much better than FB, because many lives and relationships are destroyed by FB, but SmsFun is different it builds life to free sms, free texts everyday, one day SmsFun will hit like a tornado in the Philippines if they discover it, because everybody loves free.
Posted by:Melvin from Batangas

sms fun is so easy and awesome to use i dunno what id do without sms fun its helped me out alot of times when ive need to contact someone but had no credit thats the way sms fun keep it up :)
Posted by:Shane from

Love u smsfun the BESTEST site evvveerrrrrr
Posted by:Yasmine from Brissie

smsfun is my life saver. when i really need to text someone urgentaly and have no credit smsfun is always there :D
Posted by:Katherine from Warilla

I love SMSfun so easy to use and best of all free
Posted by:Amanda from Capalaba

Fun earning joobz, fun commenting on posts or just reading others and having a laugh. SMSFUN is cool!
Posted by:Kasi from Neuschwabenland, Antarctica

AWESOME SITE ! Every time i get on my internet browser i have it automatically homepage ! :) I think im addcited to the fun this site brings :)) Not only being able to send that special someone a message, but also meeting new people ! :) So easy to use and have never had a problem with it :) THUMBS UP !
Posted by:Missy from Gladstone

<3 smsfun hopefully get some joobz :P
Posted by:Jay from Hunters hill

I have been using SMSfun for about 2 years now & it is amazing. My sister is also a member & won a free phone through SMSfun so we know that anyone has a great chance of winning things which just goes to show that they support the user alot :-D Thanks heaps to the crew at SMSfun
Posted by:Steph from Sunbury

this site is one of the best sites iv seen for free sms and prizes, if more sites did this the net would be a nicer placer in general
Posted by:Justin from

SMSFun actually gives free texting, saveing me about 100 texts already, and I am going to just use it more and more everyday!
Posted by:Michael from Sefton

It is a great site simple to use and easy to contact people. It is also a great place to meet new friends I have had a wicked experience thanks to smsfun
Posted by:Zoe from

SMSFUN lives upto its name! The free sms service is fantastic and I have a hell of a lot of fun talking to and meeting new people on here! SMSFUN ROCKS!!!
Posted by:Maree from Burwood

SMSFUN Rocks!! Everyday I save 5-10 AUD by sending message to my loved ones in India through www.smsfun.com.au. Also, the website is very easy to use. Thanks and all the best to smsfun Team.
Posted by:Abhishek from Perth

SMS fun helped me a lot in reaching my bf abroad. It has saved me a lot of cost. It also helped me during emergency cases, whenever I need to text someone but I run out of load. so, SMS fun, thanks so much for making my texting life easier! luv u!
Posted by:Mami from

this is such a valuable service being able to send free sms. thanks smsfun!
Posted by:Hodo from

I am absolutely in love with SMS fun. I would definitely reccomend this to everyone. You can keep in touch with your friends and family with free texts.
Posted by:Ana from Mount Druitt

I Absolutely LOVE SMSfun. Its a great place to create a fun profile, meet new people, catch up with friends an the best part, get free texts daily. what more could anyone ask for! best free message site out! :D
Posted by:Kirstie from Tweed

How figging AWESOME is it to be able to send FREE texts?!?! Sms fun is the BEST :D
Posted by:Tam from Footscray

Found out about this site from a friend now we can keep in touch all the time love this site and the free text :)
Posted by:Danniele from

Who doesn't love free text? I love it. But the best challenge is earning joobz for rewards! gotta love that.
Posted by:Shazza from

woop woop smsfun is the best..love the free sms, the comps the people.. keep up the good work
Posted by:Serge from Adelaide

SmsFun is great way to keep in contact when you don't have any credit, The community is fun to use and meet other people.
Posted by:Darlinda from

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SMSFun... out of all the other sms websites ive tried to use you are the best! im not even exaggerating. Free sms, easy ways to earn joobs and good if your in a muddle with no credit..lets just hope someone has the internet haha. if it weren't for SMSFun i wouldnt have sent half the stuff i have and evolved the friendships i have! SMSFun for the win!
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this site has been a life saver, even more so when im broke :( .... an i love the comps too...hehehe
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To me, SMSFun is sorta like a miniature and localize version of "FaceBook" for Aussies. - status' - personal profile - view other user's profiles etc. etc. The "hottest member" contests makes it "fun" 2! Good on you SMS"fun"!
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My mobile screen is dying and I wanted to text before buying a new phone. Thanks to you guys at SMSfun.com.au my cousin knows I'm reading his holiday messages. My mobile phone company texting tool is reliably out of order. Thanks for saving my bacon!
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Thank to smsfun I can actually reply to texts I receive :) I have made some good friends, and had a whole lot of fun :)
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i'm slowly and surely becoming addicted to SMSfun, though who wouldn't be?
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Free SMS, how can you go wrong. also good for entertainment, there are some hilarious people on here with their status updates and witty remarks. Good wholesome fun all round. THE PANTHEON VANGUARD
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SMS Fun rocks big-time! There is no betta place to hang out and the best part -THE FREE FRICKIN SMS! It cant be beat.
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All the credit we buy goes on the misses mobile, so this still allows me to connect with the outside world. Thanx so much smsfun, your frickin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Truly awesome site, saved my butt so many times. Great place to go when I have no credit. Great community too, it was very welcoming. Thanks SMS Fun!
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Lifesaver even when its not summer <3 love you guys
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Still working my way around and love what I see so far. Great guys and gals keep it working
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Absolutely magnificent. If I had known about this site earlier I would have saved hundreds!
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much quicker to type ur message so that's good, only bad thing is u sometimes don't get credited with the joobz u've earned, still good tho
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sms fun is actually amazing, its so handy for when i have no credit left :D
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Absolutely FANTASTIC. Not only convenient, but would rather use the keyboard than pressing the same key several times to get each letter, making it loads faster.
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i love SMSFUN it saves me alot of money, i have friends overseas nd we all keep in touch through SMSFUN...social network on this site is just GREAT!!!
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this website is awesome
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SMSfun is the best free SMS site i have ever come across! i have to use my phone for emergencys only and this website has made it possible for me to txt my friends and my bf nd has given me so much more freedom. i love this website and reccomend it to others around australia, plus its not a scam! love you SMSfun :)
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SMS FUN is the greatest, has gotten me out of some real tight situations. JF
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its great
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Thanks SMSFun, great website! Cheers
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Best free sms website out. No scams or tricks, just FREE TEXTS :)!
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SMS fun!!! Will you marry me! you are a life saver:)
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smsfun is awesome! i came here for the free sms and stayed for the fun and amazing ppl u meet. much love SMSFUN :)
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Smsfun is the best site I have ever signed upto!! theres so much to do on here and so easy to use. Free text makes everything so much easier :D
Posted by:Aylin from Melbourne

i love smsfun.co.uk it is amazing! i like how i can just casually text my boyfriend when iv used all my texts<3 i think this site diserves a gold medal, :) LOVE IT, :D
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SmsFun has saved me $100s over the years. If it wasn't available I'd be out of contact a lot more often.
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this site is like my fairy god mother or father cool but hott site
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SMSfun is pretty great. I hardly ever have credit so it really does come in handy!
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sms fun is mad i love the free txt n i tell all my friends about it so they can join up 2
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really works u all need to try it
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i'm constantly running out of credit and searched for free sms online.stopped looking when i found smsfun
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This is one of the best free sevices Ive found online to date. It's awesome to be able to send free sms and keep in touch with friends even when you don't have credit,I'm definately recommending this website to everyone.... SMSFUN is the best :-)
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Loving the free SMS's Its very useful when I use up my $350 :L haha Nah its a great website
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SmsFun Rocks My Socks It Freakingly Awesome Saves Money and Is The best Website Reccomend it to Absolutely Any1 !!!!!!
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I can't believe I have found this wonderful site that saves me so much in phone credit each day, i can meet ppl, enter competitions, chat, and have my say in the forums ... way to go SMSfun ... you rock!
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this site *ROCKS* and you can win stuff too :P
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its the best site in the world! uve saved me so many times.
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Even MORE ways to earn joobz now! Plus free giveaways for every text! It just keeps getting better and better.
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gota love free txt stuff telstra charging me 25cs anymore
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you guys rock
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Lol this site is like the peri peri sauce to my nandos. I LOVE IT!
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I love smsfun :D helps me keep in contact with all my special friends!
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I love it as i pay for any sms i sendon my phone Thanks smsfun
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the best free sms site around when im outa credit! Keep rockin
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i love sending sms but it would use up all my credit now i use smsfun i can send all my sms each day and make calls with my credit I LUV SMSFUN
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this site is a life saver. thanks to the creators and donators
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sms is the best online texting :) i love it, thanks
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great site! free sms and good friends, who would need more than that!
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Smsfun is amazing! It is definately the best free sms site on the web!
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This is the best thing ever so good when ur at work to send that quick sms without having to get ur phone out and get busted GREAT LOVES IT!
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Kewl site..lovin it!!
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SMS fun is incredibly useful, it get's you out of those pedantic situations with it's free txt service. I have never sent a message with this awesome site that hasn't been recieved almost instantaneously! Incredible site, I hope you continue to give moe and more people everyday the same excellent service you have provided me with.
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love smsfun.All the free texts are so usefull everyday..and its a great community and a place to have fun :)
Posted by:Mem from Huddersfield

SMS fun is great I found it on the net and it is fabulous and everyone I send sms to get them .......my sms do not get lost in space as happens on the mobile to often
Posted by:Helen from Sydney

im one of those people who never has credit on their phone...but with SMSFUN, IM ROLLING IN IT!!! (FREE TXT FTW)
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heaps of fun, great way to meet people, easy to use, and of course, who doesnt love those free smses :P Awesome :D
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sms fun is awesome and easy to use. It comes in handy when i lose my damn phone (which happens alot lol)
Posted by:Shane from Elizabeth South

its free and easy to use, makes poor student life so much easier lol
Posted by:Suzanne from Sydney

i larrvvvv smsfun coz i never have credit n people txt me all the time none stop <3
Posted by:Samantha from Not tellin

I love it it's cool and a fun way to stay conected too all ur friends and too see what's going on with the day.......,. You rock SMS fun
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SMSFun is a fantastic website. I do not know what I would do without it.
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this is a great website i hope on every chance i get! xxooox
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I discoverd smsfun some weeks ago and absolutely love it I log in almost every day now :-)
Posted by:Teresa from Forrestfield

Normally sms sites dont actually work, this is the first free working sms site. Thankyou so much, so many time when ive had no credit you've saved meee :) xx
Posted by:Holly from Busselton

What a gr8 site, helping people out!! Now I can eat instead of buying credit, thanks for making life easier!!xx
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Hellooo FREE SMS yessss luv it but where else can u txt, write totally random status updates & still meet friends aswell az having a hottest member comp every mth lol thats just more incentive to keep using sms fun ;D
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SMS Fun is way & above the best site of its type. It really is a 'something for everyone'. The free TXT's are just a small part and its a great community all up. I don't want to remember what I did before I joined this wonderful site!! deserves all the success it is getting!!
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this site rocks, met soo many new people! 10/10
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Amongst all the crappy free text sites iv tried joining, this is the best!
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Sms fun is amazing, it helps me out when I need to send important text messages when I have no credit, and I get to meet awesome new people in my area! I love it!
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SmsFun is Hell Madd it ig Great!! when wanting to catch up with mates when u have no credit.. SmsFun Is AWESOME
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smsfun is a great way to save money on your phone bill and has handy features like a phonebook
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Smsfun is unreal
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omg..how convinient is sms fun! WoW! I have told all my friends, cuz its soooo cool!
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to all tha peeps at smsfun lovn ur work keep it up and to tha web designer good stuff from a fellow web designer chiao
Posted by:Kobi from Pennat hills

Im having a ball telling all my friends :) Gotta luv it :)
Posted by:Angie from Perth

I love smsfun, its the best site anyone could come up with! I haven't had credit in 3 weeks, but was stil able to stay in touch with my family and friends! I recomend it to everyone who's got a mobile, it saves u money and u get to meet new people! THANK YOU!!!
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SMSfun is soo good and has saved me lots of money, wish i could find out about it earlier :)
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Distant relationships sometimes are really depressing specially when you can't afford to talk on phone, smsfun.com.au literally changed my life !!! i can send messages to my firends in Australia very easily and daily which brought a lot of happiness to us all :-)
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Great to talk to other people everywhere it's like a big family. And free sms as well.
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Thanx smsfun...Keeping me in touch with family and friends.
Posted by:Shirley from Acacia ridge

Smsfun is a great site, free txt, meet new people and access to many other things. Love it!
Posted by:Stacey from Perth

my phone got stolen just after i signed up with smsfun, this site is just handy as i can send msgs now that look like they were sent from my actual mobile spins alot of people out but never the less great site all 4 me and all 4 free love it keep it up : )
Posted by:Melissa from Harvey

I highly endorse this product or service. No but seriously SMSFun is pretty freakin good, wish I'd found it earlier!
Posted by:Drew from Perth

smsfun is gr8, now i can txt my peeps wen im out of credit, so ppl let every1 now bout smsfun
Posted by:Kylie from Mid North Coast

awesome services. angry 16 year olds. free text. live text feed is funny as too. and all them kids that get angsty make ya laugh like so hardcore.
Posted by:Monica from Lismore

SMSfun keeps me in contact with my mates when i need to text them urgently and dont have credit! love it heaps! and the people on here are fun to talk to :)
Posted by:Alec from Cairns

it helps me alot. its good for emergencies when i run out of credit i can just log in and send a text pver the internet.
Posted by:Shaenique from Caloundra

Free sms is sooo awesom this site kicks butt!!
Posted by:Caitlin from Werribee

smsfun is the bomb! the people are the reason i continue going on! they are so varied and ridiculously funny!
Posted by:Megan from Shailer Park

Posted by:Tina from Melbourne

SmsFUN is cool and free, and so easy to use.. YAY =D
Posted by:Anne from Sydney

wow smsfun is soooooo awesome!
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its awsume when you have no credit and you really need to txt that someone, so they dont get shitty. :) totally adore this site.
Posted by:Jessica from Warwick

hmmmk SMSFun is a really awsome site seing as I spend more time on here than Facebook and thats saying something seeing as Im a Facebook addict. Not only can you send free sms but you can meet awsome people like jackie shes awsome and ooohh you can also get recharge for your fone without spending money so yer....wooooh go SMSFun
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SMSfun is the best free messaging service i have ever been on :) ive saved so much money in the past month. I would recommend SMSfun to any of my friends. iiLOVEASMSfun :)
Posted by:Jade lee from Colyton

I love SMSFun, its great to know that if I run out of credit I can still get in contact with friends and its free. They also have Great competitions and prizes and so many wonderful people on here. Everything SMSFun has to offer is awesome :)
Posted by:Amanda from Brisbane

OMG...SMS Fun Rockzzzz...and thx 4 d free txts and xprs deliveries! I love SMS Fun!<3<3<3
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Smsfun is awesome! Especially when you blow your cap! Love it!
Posted by:Shauna from Moonta

Oh my gosh - where do I start .. Free texting, forums, status etc etc and also meeting new people. This is ze best site everrrrr :)
Posted by:Beka Aurora from Sydney

Thanks guys.This site really is helpfull for when my girlfriend is away and im out of credit,One love,Keep up the good work ^^
Posted by:Jack from Dapto

best site on the webb so fun and help with me when i have no credit :) thanks.
Posted by:James from Bulli

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Posted by:Deborah from Berwick

SMSFUN is the best free sms site eva brav o lol 10 out of 10 keep up the good work
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I just love sms fun, can keep in touch with peeps when outa cred and there's heaps a cool stuff on here as well!!
Posted by:Mars from Hamilton

awsum site:) i love txtin frm here:P
Posted by:Sheemal from Deer park

Best site ive come across!!
Posted by:Carolina from Melbourne

Hi My Names Jordan, but you can call me tonite. ^.- haha, naah kiddin. Smsfun pretty much the best site for texting/meeting people. =] i used to use other texting sites. but by far this one betters them all. =]
Posted by:Jordan from Wynnum

this site is a big help when i lose my phone at someones house and need them to find it ;D
Posted by:Michael from Adelaide

smsfun is rockin
Posted by:Elias from Melbourne

Best Free SMS Site in Australia. Trust me on that one, I have researched for days :)
Posted by:Adrian from Gold Coast

best site ever, so helpful + useful :)
Posted by:Kasha from Perth

best sms service around! i have cut down my phone bill thanks to SMSfun
Posted by:Stacey from Morwell

smsfun is awesome,not only do ya get to send free txts but you meet some really lovely people on here as well,smsfun has something for everyone you'll love it as much as I do :D
Posted by:Jacquelyn from Sydney

Best way to keep in contact with the bf without credit. Plus... It's FREE!
Posted by:Gabi from Brisbane

Awesome, there's no price better than free :D
Posted by:Anne from Kogarah

its awesome it helps me wen i dont have credit FUCKIN LOVE IT
Posted by:Luke from Melbone

great site! such a relief being finally able to sms for free. now it is being upgraded to allow free international sms. can't wait for this feature to come out cause i'll be able to keep in touch with all my mates abroad via sms!
Posted by:Chris from Melbourne

SMSFun is a great site, provides me with so many free text i could text every person in my city each day!! FOR FREE! And on top of that i have won a Nintendo Wii "FOR FREE" just from using smsfun, cant get better than that.
Posted by:Jamie from Rosebud

it great and believe it, its free.......learn it, like it, love it..........
Posted by:Kieran from Kawerau

AWESOME!! can txt for free when i dont have any credit on my phone yay!!! miricle
Posted by:Brooke from Brisbane

Posted by:Paul from Bromley

Seems a cool site, cool people :-)
Posted by:Scott from Adelaide

It is a choice site better than face book by far, even acts as a dating service and it's basically all FREE!
Posted by:Renae from South Hobart

The FREE SMS's help out a lot, the site is easy enough to navigate. Just about everything is up front when it comes to costs of things or how to get things for free
Posted by:Jo Jackson from Sydney

i cannot believe this ISH is FREEEEE!!!!! lmtaoooo im goin HHARRRRDDDD!!!
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this is a mad site
Posted by:Steven from Ewy

SMSFun is Tha BOMB!! whats not to love?? free sms, free omptetition entries, hot babes...what more could you ask for?
Posted by:Adam from Cairns

This is a great way for sending an sms when you need to! I LOVE SMSFUN!
Posted by:Suvie from Melbourne

Posted by:John from Sydney

If it wasn't for smsfun, my partner who is now in South Korea would not be able to text me. Australia cannot text South Korea. so he jumps on smsfun and b4 i know i recieve a text and can jump online to have a chat! thank u smsfun!
Posted by:Joshie from Jesmond

it christmas and i have 4 kids so money is very tight at the moment. was dissapointed that i couldnt send sms to my friends.. but this site gives me the chance to stay in touch with my friends
Posted by:Brooke from Morayfield

Today is my lucky day, my phone been out of credit, no $$$ to recharge and come across this site and it have save me to send and urgent message. This is awesome,I would fully support this website when i make lots of money in the future.
Posted by:Wilson from Brisbane

SMSfun is a great, and in my opinion the best SMS site ever. It has MANY great features and endless things to do! Mobile SMSing is so last.. last year! Free SMS's, NO need to waste money on credit. THIS IS SMS HEAVEN! Forgot to mention there are also great forums, and great competitions. So while you're not SMSing, have some fun on the forums, or join a competition!
Posted by:Zura from Sydney

this is the best site ever (who wouldnt agree) free text free competitions bloody splended love this site sms fun is da bombske
Posted by:Kasye from Sydney

sms fun is awesome i never have credit yet ppl always msg me now i can msg them back =] i love it
Posted by:Beckk from Pakenham

SMSfun saved me from getting into a heap of trouble, when i ran out of credit, I knew I had data on my phone, so i used SMSfun! SMSfun is a real livesaver and everyone should appreciate what it provde for everyone!!
Posted by:Tiani from Raymond Terrace

Three cheers for smsfun! What a great concept, thanks for the free sms as there are very few truly free services out there. Tell your friends!
Posted by:Vern from Tamworth

smsfun is like myspace but with heaps better stuff and its great with its free SMS, free & simple :)
Posted by:Jamie from Rosebud

smsfun.com is so awesome. I didn't think anyone would ever offer such a cool service for free SMS. And I never thought it would be without some hidden catch. But there is none! Thanks guys.
Posted by:William from Melbourne

Thanks SMSFun, as I have difficulty in using my mobile's tiny keys - I find your service very useful as the service allows me to communicate with my daughters very easily, the service is a pleasure to use and being free is also wonderful I recommed the service to all on a budget and with fat fingers
Posted by:George from Yarraville

This is such a great site. I love the free SMS messages. It is so easy to use.
Posted by:Rae from Cressy

Posted by:Christine from Newcastle

smsfun's the best site that i've been on. most sites just give a few free texts. but 1607 o_o that's crazy and brilliant at the same time. thanks smsfun, and thecreator! :)
Posted by:Matt from Melbourne

its great. when you have ran out of credit and you need to send an sms, this is the best place cause its free. No Credit, No Problems.
Posted by:Anna from Eagleby

as a mother of 3 i cant always afford credit but this is just too good to be true!!!!! TOTALLY AWESOME
Posted by:Debbi from Orelia

Absolutely LOVE SMS FUN!! When we first met we fell in love! :P LOL Its been an awesome help and superman when i needed to txt someone! thanxx Smssfunny! :) x
Posted by:Karishma from Cooranbong

hey there ppl,,smsfun is the best..if u like it as much as me tell me...
Posted by:Steve from St marys

if it wasn't for smsfun i would never be able to send all the messages i need to. seriously love the free sms everyone help out and donate to this great site :D
Posted by:Damo from Sunbury

amazing site its fun and easy to use top site best eva
Posted by:Blayke from Sylvania

hi everyone i love smsfun website i save a lots because of smsfun.com.au i just want to say thanks
Posted by:Jaswinder from Ascot

i LOVE sms fun :) cause i love sending sms and i love having fun!
Posted by:Mikaela from Adelaide

Thx smsfun 4 makin my life sooo much easier! Bein able 2 send free sms frm my computer means I can always stay in touch, even with no credit. N all the ppl on the dite hav been real helpful 2
Posted by:Delilah from Melbourne

Posted by:Corrina from Port Melbourne

this is an awsome site :) i dunno wat i wood have done without this. . . coz i need it for emergencys and stuff! thanxx guyss
Posted by:Berlynn from Tarneit

Smsfun is so cool!
Posted by:Steve from Georgica

i love this site, as some people have said, free sms's to people and friends. i did have that 1800 MUM DAD thing on my phone, and my sis kept useing that and i had a lot to pay back to the sevice. but this is better. Thankyou smsfun!!!
Posted by:Harley from Bendigo

i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVEEE SmsFun, It Has EVERYTHING, Competitions, Great Way To Meet People, Keep In Touch With Friends & OF COURSE, FREE SMS (: What More Could You Ask Forr? I`m ADDICTEDD!!
Posted by:Koffee from Brisbane

what an awesome idea! thanks so much smsfun, it's a great site and indeed fun! and there's not much left around here for free, THANKS!
Posted by:Renay from Nowra

smsfun is the best site i have been on and yeah i enjoy it a lot thanks to the person who made this site.
Posted by:Miracle from Broome

smsfun is a great site. sending free sms make everybody happy.
Posted by:Sanjay from Chippendale

im in new zealand & txtin my mates from smsfun is freakin fun. ive told all my mates about smsfun so pass it around
Posted by:Luke from Hamilton

SMSFun is the best, i practicaly go through credit every day, but not anymore
Posted by:Robert from Melbourne

i think it is so awsome to be able to send free sms online with this great webside i love it .. thank you
Posted by:Nichole from Toukley

Thank God for SMSFUN without i would be lost an easy way to keep in cantact with those of my m8's that don't have internet and only phones.... THANKS SMS FUN
Posted by:Sharyn from Umina beach

Wow. I absolutely LOVE this site. Free SMS's can't get any better than this! Its great when you don't have any credit and works with Optus! Yay! Thank you SMSFun!
Posted by:Wangsta from Canberra

i love it, i dont know where i would be with out it.Great help when you have no credit! It greAat place to make friends aswell!Keep the good work upp smsfun!
Posted by:Jennifer from Sydney

this site is the best. you get free txt and meet heaps of cool people :) i love sms fun!
Posted by:Holly from Brisbane

Smsfun changed my life forever. If it wasn't for smsfun.com.au, I wouldn't be smiling as I am smiling now and I wouldn't have the great skin that I have now....
Posted by:Raheel from Melbourne

I totally love smsfun.com.au and the fact that it's open to anyone and so user-friendly! I rave about it all the time to friends and family and you bet they've signed up or signing up too!!Thanks heaps smsfun.com.au all the way from NZ!xo
Posted by:Tanz from Naenae

SMSFun is great, I've only just started using it but it's one of the best freeSMS sites going around, and it has the added benefit of a community with forums and competitions :)
Posted by:Madi from Brisbane

i love smsfun.com.au its helped me so much and i dont no what id do without it. thanks to all my friends who told me all about this site.
Posted by:Emily from Melbourne

smsfun Is WICKED it helps me so much cause I'm just a student and i cant afford to top up my phone Every Week, that's when smsfun comes in so handy and the Competitions it has are great fun. You meet so many Kewl people i just love this SITE! =)
Posted by:Jess from Wanganui

SMSfun is fantastic! I ran out of credit while inviting ppl to my party and I'm stuck at home with no car to get more credit and a dead home phone (the phone jumped off the bench) so I jumped on smsfun and they saved the day! Not only did they allow me free texts but was also able to recharge. It's a pretty cool site. I'm still sussing it out
Posted by:Caitlyn from Maude

awesome site. free texts whenever I need it :D:D HAPPY HAPPY!
Posted by:Matt from Glen waverley

Smsfun sure is handy! It not only saves you money - its really convenient too!
Posted by:Ben from Beenleigh

totally lovesssss it =)
Posted by:Claire from A Chair

OH MY GOSH I PRACTICALLY LIVE OFF THIS if joobz didnt igzist i wuld neva of found out if me boyfriend was using me but witch he isnt dats so gdddd!!! I LOVE U SMS FUNN 4 LIFE mostly u thought babe jackson :) xxx
Posted by:Sarah from Hastings

smsfun must be one of the best websites I've registered to. So many times has it saved my with free sms when I have no credit on my mobile.
Posted by:Thuan from MELBOURNE

Smsfun is the best way to meet new people... and sending sms for FREE well thats just a bonus.. THIS IS THE BEST
Posted by:Kiarra from Darwin

Smsfun iz really kool, itz so kool to send free sms`z when i`ve got no credit on my mobile and itz all kool to meet new people.
Posted by:Melissa from Sydney

Smsfun is by fair the best site i have found the comps, the peeps, the joobs they all rock, they let you send up to 15 txt a day on just ther basic account and it totally money free
Posted by:Ron from Moonah

this is a lifesaver seriously ayy coz whenever u run out of credit, u can always last until u get more. hahah love this sh**t ay
Posted by:David from Sydney

its super dooper awesome
Posted by:Aalisha from Liverpool

Smmsfun.com.au is aswesome! everytime im out of credit i know i can just come on, send free texts, and i can reply on Smsfun that they will go through! thank you very much
Posted by:Adam from Melbourne

Smsfun.com.au is from heaven above. it packs into it sooo many useful features (not to mention free sms!!! :D) ilyxx smsfun.com.au
Posted by:Arlando from Perth

This service is awesome helps in emergencies..so thanks to the SMS Fun Team Hooroo
Posted by:Kirby from Penrith

GET DOWN! this place rox & sumtimes it makes me so excited...that I just txt myself - lol ;) xxx & havagr8day K.
Posted by:Karyn from Picton

Very good site, brilliant when low on credit, saves me heaps!
Posted by:Liam from Newcastle

kick ass site saved me some moneys and its got a spelling checker :) smsfun is l33t.
Posted by:Scott from Inglewood

Free sms... what more is there to say? These guys have saved my butt on many occations when I've run out of credit. Thnx SMSfun!
Posted by:Gareth from Melbourne

I love smsfun, i use it whenever i sms
Posted by:Stephen from Melbourne

Amazing site. Easy To use and whenever you need to text someone, It's Right There!
Posted by:Tennille from Griffith

Love the free texts :-) x
Posted by:Lyndsay from Glasgow

this really is the best site i could of asked for when i need to send a message to a friend in a short time i just go on here & do it. and it does not cost me a thing, like some scams do. thank you! :D
Posted by:Terry from Perth

yeah just like to say this is a kool site ... and definetly good value too ! thanks for all the free sms's you've let me send ! :)
Posted by:J from Na

i looove this site, sooo helpful coz i cant afford credit atm, yet i cn still keep in touch wit mates :P
Posted by:Holly from Deception bay

Who needs credit when we got sms fun? love it <3
Posted by:Bek from KatOomba

it's a great service
Posted by:Esteban from Baulkham Hills

SMS fun is awesum... not only does it save a stack on sms's but its great for meeting new people and winning wicked prizes.
Posted by:Evan from Melbourne

Sms fun is the best. Friggin' lifesaver when in need of sending txt and out of credit. THANKS heaps sms fun
Posted by:Amelia from Adelaide

SmsFun has saved my butt so many times from those times when I've needed to text someone but have no credit. I love it how you can text for free, yet meet others socially online. ^^
Posted by:Luke from Mel

I think smsfun is awesome, If i dont have credit on my phone, which isnt often then I can go on the computer and go on smsfun and send texts to my partner and family and friends, it's easy and simple and it's free. can't get better than that.
Posted by:Leigh from Sydney

i have been a member from the dawning of this site! yes i agree no other site can handle txt as good as smsfun dose and i enjoy the love people have on the forums here as one huge sms really fun community!
Posted by:Edward from Adalaide

sms fun is a great place for people to connect. helps me out alot. thank you all who gave there time to make this wonderful website :)
Posted by:Nick from Tewantin

totally awesome = free sms. meeting new peeps is also rockin! Go sms fun woooo
Posted by:Shaina from Newie bby :)

BEST INTERNET SITE EVA. Saves you loads of money, time and helps you out when you run low on credit. Best eva
Posted by:Luke from Emerald

Ok im a man who loves my sms's and iv serched the web so much to find a free sms web site and i would have to say this one is the best its free got a mad chat site on here everyone can talk to every one and its free youv done a great job with this web site guys well done 10/10 AAA+++ for sure
Posted by:Ccc from Mackay

MAN!! SMSFUN is sooo cool. get to save heaps of money and send heaps of text. this is sooo awsome. i love SMSFUN. SMSFUN you are AWSOME!!
Posted by:Melissa from Sydney

man this is the frikin best website ever its everything you want
Posted by:Cody from Papakura

Sms fun sound too good to be true but it is true i don't spend a cent and i send up to 23 sms a day. now that is what i call free not those things with terms and condtions
Posted by:Peter from Livo

SMSFUN Is awesome! Saves money, interacts people, fun time-killer. Its the best all around!
Posted by:Tiara from Toowoomba

smsfun is the best ws ever! u can make new friends, vote, chat and other exciting things to enjoy on this ws. its grate! get involved now! u can send free sms and chat in the chatroom and do all sorts of stuff! join now!
Posted by:Tanyka from Toowoomba

this site is so awesome! it rocks! such a great online community and who doesnt love free texts?
Posted by:Tash from Adelaide

i have tried soooo many sites searching for free texting and honestly smsfun is the best so far. if i ever run out of credit i know i can just jump on the net and straight onto smsfun :). xox
Posted by:Georgia from Brisbane

wow this site is amazingly great.. i use it every day to text easily and quickly..the only downside is wen u have used all ur free sms texts :( but the upside is u have an oppertuinity 2 earn more free texts which are called joobz geniuse ! rok on smsfun u make ma days better ;) love ya X X X
Posted by:Faith from Bolton

This is the BEST free sms site ever and you can even find new people to talk to via chat. IT'S THE BEST! =)
Posted by:Crystal from Aus

this is the best site, sooo many free sms', and a heap of awesome fun as well ....free....
Posted by:Belinda from Adelaide

Thankyou very much for you free text, :) and very popular forums! XD
Posted by:Wicked from GoldCoast

This is an awesome site for when I don't have any credit, hell, 1'll use it when I do have credit! Thank God for SMSfun! You'd be mad not to take advantage of 15 free sms per day!
Posted by:Anton from Norlane

this site is totally awesome and would not be with it i have the most enjoyable time on here and i would highly recommend this site to everyone i love the free texting and the chat room also being about to have your say with the forums i love the smsfun site keep up the good work
Posted by:Raewyn from WHAKATANE

I havent bought any credit for ages, who needs to when you can use sms fun. I'm so happy I joined up
Posted by:Elizabeth from Clayton South

smsfun is awesome...saves heaps of $$$...not to mention great competitions so often :D
Posted by:Mishant from Sydney

OMFG this site is so frikin awesome, 23 sms's is alot!!!
Posted by:Joey from St Ives

omg..i love this free sms site..its the bomb diggity...there is nothing worse than running out of dredit and having no way to text someone...well this is the ultimate site for texting and the best thing about it us ITS FREE!!! i love sms fun...best site in the world!!
Posted by:Kaitlin from Gold Coast

smsfun is great!! free sms AND a way to meet pretty awesome people ;D!!
Posted by:Amy from Adelaide

I havnt brought credit for my phone for over 3 months now. Love this site to bits, even the forums are really helpful and good people to talk to aswell. Thanks SMSFUN!
Posted by:Kenneth from Rotorua

An easy way to send free SMS with zero hassle, truly an amazing site! keep up the good work SMS fun!
Posted by:Hooper from Melbourne

this site is the shizz nizz
Posted by:Tracey-joy from Perth

i love this sight..its the best over any!! i meen where can u go the\se days and get free sms and no hastles and you get to have fun along the way!!
Posted by:Monii from Rosebud

love sms fun, saves my heaps of money, and i can meet cool as people!!
Posted by:Lesley from Melbourne

SMSFun, Is a place where i can escape from the madness in my own life and just enjoy the company of good friends and of course Free sms =)
Posted by:Marc from ★ Bundaberg ★

love love love it!!! :)
Posted by:Krissy from Brisbane

My hats off to u guys at SMSFUN u provide an excellent service and have enjoyed talking with many people in the smsfun community. Have u thought about more ways to people to interact on the site like tevas hold 'em poker or puzzle solving games or quiz tests on all sorts o things like aussie trivia,history n animals and so on? I only say this cause there is many good friends online at once.Anyway keep up the good work people at smsfun!!!
Posted by:Craig from Yenda

sms fun helps you in more ways then one
Posted by:Jacko from Adelaide

I like oranges and apples!
Posted by:Ring from Gold Coast

very good having sms
Posted by:Kidz from Melbourne

Great site when you have no cred and need to contact someone :P
Posted by:Narelle from Adelaide

omg this is awsome. i love it!!!!!! it comes in handy when i got no credit which is now.
Posted by:Leah from Maryland

Well done. I'm visiting Chile now and this service is Excellent 4 keeping in touch with back home.
Posted by:Graham from Brisbane

sweet as, been using quite a bit and really digging it.
Posted by:James from Dunedin

smsfun rocks guys. its actually free and there are no hidden loops. join up!
Posted by:Stacey from Melbourne

this site is almost as good as the bike between my legs =P It rocks, meet different people, and send free messages at the same time! WHY NOT?
Posted by:Jade from Adelaide

Top service, Keep up the good work SMS FUN !!!!!!
Posted by:Steve from Melbourne

great stuff when ya gots no credit
Posted by:Casper from Ipswich

this is an awesome site i love the fact that when ever u want to txt someone and u have no credit u can just jump on the computer and send a txt =] thanks ^_^
Posted by:Dannielle from Brisbane

HECTICCCC this is a cool site you meet new people and u can send free sms amazing!
Posted by:Kasey from Cronulla

Pretty sure this site is mad heckers, always someone to talk to in chat, friendly and fun forums, and great support from Doot And Matt. defently the best free sms site on the next, and the best web community, GOOD WORK GUYS.
Posted by:Troy from

Hey guys, been here awhile so thought I would leave a testimonial. Just want to say that SMSFun has been great to me, not only has it saved me with texting friends and family when in need and out of credit. But I have also made afew great friends in Chat :) So, thanks again SMSFun. and see ya all in chat oneday soon :)
Posted by:Kris from Gosford

smsfun rox it has helped me out plenty of times don't know where 2 start
Posted by:Sandy from Morayfield

I think smsfun is the best website on the web whoever made this site must be the coolest smartest people around.thanx guys and gals you/s rock!!!!!!keep at it always better with more free sms get on to it and smsfun will be around for a hell of alot longer maybe even forever.love always smsfun loyal servent signing out: nicky hall:)
Posted by:Nicky from Melbourne

heyy guys i didnt no what to think when i heard bout this sight until i used it and its AMAZING !! i would definately rank this over myspace anytime,, cant stop telling my friends bout it thanks heaps
Posted by:Andrew from Helensburgh

SMS fun is great! i love it. everytime my phone is dead, or i dont have reception at school, i just jump online and send a msg. And its great if you need to send an important msg. It's also great to meet new people.
Posted by:Tahlia from Northam

easier then using my mobile when in a hurry at home.Love it.
Posted by:Anne from Hillcrest

What a great idea and it's free!!
Posted by:Wendy from Melbourne

all i gotta say is SMSFUN is HEKTIKCLIOUS =]
Posted by:RoBbY from Broady

Good stuff
Posted by:Michael from Smithfield

sms fun is better than xxx
Posted by:Emma from Hobart

i think this is great thank u and jakey i love you baby xox
Posted by:Maggie from Hobart

This site is the bomb!
Posted by:Jonathon from St.Albans

SMS FUN is the best FREE sms site...nothin else need b said :P
Posted by:Joshua from Brisbane

oh i was desprite to go out but i couldent ring up my mates so i use smsfun and managed to go out the whole day an hang out
Posted by:Andrew from Bringelly

smsfun has come to my rescue..how? well im always out of credit, and now with smsfun i dont need to worry about having credit. free sms and joobz make it even better.. very happy
Posted by:So from

i reli love the service that sms fun provide..its reli good and its fast and efficient..thanks guys =]
Posted by:Corina from Viewbank

thanks to the team at smsfun! you've made life so easy to contact friends when i've fun out of credit. keep up the good work (:
Posted by:Jono from Vic

i like so love smsfun it saved my life.
Posted by:Danielle v from Whangarei

Im visiting from the USA and it costs mad cash to have a phone here. Luckily I found your site so I can send words to my loved ones without becoming poor. Joobz add a nice twist to the fun too.
Posted by:Wolf from Cooranbong

SMS fun is the best ;)
Posted by:Tan from Sydney

greatest site ever the whole family loves it
Posted by:Jeffery from Brisbane

yeah.. its awesome...
Posted by:Cassie from Sydney

Posted by:Zoe from Sydney

An amazing site! It has saved me many dollars and it is also a fun and social place to meet, message, comment, chat and vote for people all around!
Posted by:Melissa from Newcastle

this is fly as
Posted by:Joe from Barraba

i love sms fun i can text who i want wen i want with out using my credit wow i love it
Posted by:Kasey from Sale

Posted by:Keynen from Warrnambool

awesome site@@ 10/10
Posted by:Lucky from Narre warren

This site is damn handy when ya don't have any credit!
Posted by:Anthony from Geelong

sms u are a life savour for me when theres no one else there i can allways depend on u so thank u
Posted by:Hayley from Perth

itz ight xoxoox
Posted by:Vanessa from Blacktown

i like ur site i think it is good for the ppl. ADAM
Posted by:Adam from Brisbane

Posted by:Valerie from Yeovil

didnt hav ne credit 2 msg ma gf, found this website n ma 1st thought was yeh right.. free... but it is its GREAT! lol THANK YOU!
Posted by:Saki from Sydney

I used smspup.com till I stumbled across this site. Well I have never looked back. smsfun.com.au makes smspup.com look like a blown out hooker with one tooth. (Sorry mum, no offense!)
Posted by:Colin from Launceston

smsfun rocks its one of the best sites ive seen :-)
Posted by:Jasmine from Sydney

This website rocks it is the shit
Posted by:Peter from Orange

sms fun is mad i love it
Posted by:Chrystal from Brisbane

I get 10 sms a day. That saves me $2.50 a day and $17.50 a week and $910 a year!!! And yes I do send 10 a day!! OMG this is a great service hope it stays around for awhile! Got my friends on this too!! Go SMSFUN!!
Posted by:Sean from Melbourne

Posted by:Rihanan from Melbourne

hallo, i usually have loads of credit as i am a teenager i need it haha i am with optus turbo charge, but recently time have been hard and i have had no money to even buy a text saver, it is such a good site, i had it earlier but i forgot my password :( i was so cut, so i made another one recently ,, thankyou so much for this,about time sonething good comes from the internet aye :)
Posted by:Darcia from Forster

gday, id like to put in a good word for smsfun coz they really helped me out with keeping in contact with family n friends without paying a cent! =P thnaks smsfun! cheers, luke
Posted by:Luke from Uralla

I <3 SmsFun. Probally never gonna buy credit again.
Posted by:Laura Thomson from Wahroonga

this is the best website i have ever heard of i will reccomend it to enyone and everyone
Posted by:Brett from Perth

thnks fo the free sms greatly appreiciated
Posted by:Gazz from Toongabbie

yer it fun so thank you for letting me join this i love it
Posted by:Marija from Melbourne

I love SmsFun.
Posted by:Susie from Brisbane

increased sms has just made me the happiset! its more than enough :) thank you :) im so glad ive joined up ive so far had 20 people that i know join this site, its totally braggable. ilyy xox
Posted by:Krystle from Berwick

they are Great really I am not Just saying that to get my free sms But REaly they are Awesome
Posted by:Yalda from Melb

this saves me $2.50 every day think about it.. every week thats 17.5 bucks every month thats 70 bucks and a total saving every year of thats right $840 dollars and on top of that you have your "Joobs" (they are awesome btw ) and u get one of these every 2nd day so think about it. These guys aren't really doing it to make money for themselves, they are doing it to provide a sense community and a way to interact with new people, aswell as send free text messages and give out PRIZES!!. i dread the day when im not a member or SMSfun.
Posted by:Bill from Melbourne

Posted by:Ashlee from Melbourne

this is amazing, thanks so much for giving real aussies real service!
Posted by:Mick from Melbourne

sms fun is great my freind told me about it and now i save heaps of dollars on txt my phone bill sused to be be hundreds of dollars atleast i can save at least 50% of txt money thanx smsfun
Posted by:Sarah from Sydney

I love smsfun, the chat is good on occasion. Woot! MWAG. *inside joke*
Posted by:Jess from Melbourne

dis site is AWSOME it help me out wen im out of fund n wen im at da office n cnt use mah fone thankx heaps smsfun your a lyf saver :):)
Posted by:Angelic from Broadmeadows

woo free txts what more could i want
Posted by:Brady from Rosebud

From what I can tell there is no catches! Just Free Txt messages to friends. It's awesome when you are a poor uni student...Great site!
Posted by:Jane from Bathurst

SMSFun is a good free sms service. No extra 'spam' added in the sms which is great. Joobz are also easy to earn thru click'g on banners, so not complaining.
Posted by:Nishant from Doonside

SMS FUN! Geeh what could you do without it. Seriously, and it doesnt take a worker from the company to have to lie about it, It %100 free AND TEXTARIFIC! So when ever im out of credit, which i never get a chance to get some i rely on good old or "NEW" SMS fun! Ive fallen in love with it and dont know what i could do without it!
Posted by:Casey from Lavington

SMSfun is an awsome sight.. LoL, I am so glad I ran out of credit on my phone, or I would not have found it..
Posted by:Daniel from Hervey Bay

extremely, saved me a lot :) cheers smsfun
Posted by:Tom from Briisbane

SMSFun is a great tool when you have no credit left! You guys are great! Keep it up!
Posted by:Joseph from Beaumaris

I love SmsFun it has done me wonders, I hate it when u run outta credit but SmsFun has saved me from aven no credit. I owe it all to you.. Thanks SmsFun use rock!!!!
Posted by:Elizabeth from Victoria

I like having SMSfun here... If i'm out of credit and need to find something out from a friend i can just jump on the computer and sign in... It's really helpful to have...
Posted by:Kellie from Ballarat

You guys r great.. u helped a nigga out with no cirdit like ever .. sweet sweet uz get crUNK
Posted by:Aza from Sydney

this is awsome...jus wish we could send the sms threw our fones not jus off the net...
Posted by:Karla from Sydney

ur free sms's have totally saved my a** many times i reali dont no wot i would do without ur free sms providings i'd possibly crawl up into a little ball and cry lol
Posted by:Matthew from Fairfield

HEY! Thank heaps, you've helped me heaps, and come to my rescue when I need to send someone a message but have run out of credit!! I really love this website and have told my friends about it numourous times! Thanks again, LIIIV
Posted by:Olivia from Brisbane

i love free smsing
Posted by:Natasha from Coolum beach

This is a awesum site. Not only can you text your friends and family for free every day, but also earn points to shop online. I have told friends about this site within the first hour and they are enjoying all the benifets is well.
Posted by:Kasey from Auckland city

Well its free, its easy and there a re a bunch of beautiful ladies to view and talk to...Wow sums it up in one...
Posted by:John from Sydney

this site is easy its new and good takes to secs to text away to ur friends so jump on and text
Posted by:Chrissy from Wagga wagga

I am using a borrowed mobile because the Telecommunications Ombudsman is chasing Optus for my third new broken phone and stuffed up contract for the second time this year! Optus say they gonna give me new phone of my choice and 3 months credit. So where's the phone Optus! Why am i cut off and why am receiving bills for a phone i don't have? Meanwhile i use smsfun. It's the best! So easy & fun especially 'the fool your friends'. Aleas Incognito
Posted by:Aleas from Adelaide

Its great, i have my own phone and the credit just disappears, but here i can send free ones and get the information through and thats it, no need to waste. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone to join
Posted by:Rebecca from Brisbane

well i have not much money atm and a friend recommended i use this and its working out great! i love it 2 bits its changed everythin 4 me and made life easier
Posted by:Whitney from Melbourne

it is cool as, texts get thru fast and they think it straight off your mobile hehehehehe
Posted by:Leanne from Woodridge

SMS fun is totally rad and so much cooler than blueskyfrog with their pathetic 2 sms per day limit.. theres so much more to do on the sms fun website bloody brilliant
Posted by:Jess from Adelaide

Posted by:Umamah from Sydney

its awesome!!! i save heaps of credit! i love it...
Posted by:Tayla from Sydney

its good saves time and money lol but i it will be better if there was free sms to overseas as well dat will be kool
Posted by:Aiya from Melbourne

VOte fOr me =] xx sms is the shiiit =]
Posted by:Zenna from Sydney

smsfun is wicked,ive not found any sites that come anywhere near close to how good this sitf is
Posted by:Aaron from Gravesend

i love smsfun! its so goood when u are low onn credit and i love meeeting new PEOPPLE!
Posted by:Jenn from Wodonga

First day here and already i love it. I am big on good site design and this website has a perfect layout, everything is easy to find and it loads reasonably quick too. Great job.
Posted by:Matthew from Urunga

thank you guys so much i cant afford credit being a single mum and all so u guys have helped heaps just to be able to keep in touch with people or even in emergencys thanks again guys xxxxxxxx luv boo.
Posted by:Michelle from Frankston

SMSFUN is good.. use it more =]
Posted by:Ben from Melbourne

smsfun is a great site.. i love sending free sms to everyone.. i don't have to buy credit every week now.. it's more like once every fortnight.. this site is great..
Posted by:Cookiiee from Adelaide

i got refered by a friend and i love it cause i ran outa credit and my girl is away so now i can message her
Posted by:Brett from Goulburn

its cool
Posted by:MICHAEL from Melbourne

hey i'm a new member on smsfun and i didn't think it would come in so much handy when i'm low on credit, it saved me from breaking up with my boyfriend. thanx heaps!! lovee yaa xox
Posted by:K8iiee from Healesville

it ok
Posted by:Chris from Brisbane

Its the funnest and best thing ever!
Posted by:Danni from Gosford

SMSFun is the best free sms site in Australia - arguably the universe.
Posted by:Renee from Miller

Free SMS, phone credit auctions using free bonus points, and your number in the reply with no ads. What's not to like?
Posted by:John from Melbourne

Its pretty rad haha
Posted by:Sarah from Wollongong

This is the best site ever it has saved me so much money that i would spend on buying text. I wish we were able to send more than 10 texts a day though!
Posted by:Vanessa from Adelaide

hey,just want to say nice jpob with the jubes,great way to get ppl "hooked" on this website,its that cutting edge that gets sites like this into multi million dollar websites,,,good job
Posted by:Jade from Geelong

its heaps cool. yay for free sms'z sepcially when ya got no cred!! :) thanx smsfun
Posted by:Amber from Adelaide

I love SMS Fun because when I am running low on credit all i have to do is jump online and dadadadaaa! free sms it also helps when i need to sms someone a question and the keys on my phone are not working properly!! SMS FUN rules the mobile world
Posted by:Renae from

very good site. i would reccomend for people
Posted by:Geraus from Melbourne

i think its awesome to have free sms so convient..... well done guys
Posted by:Maria from Melbourne

Posted by:George from

i love the joobz n the new joobz auction rad idea
Posted by:Paul from Somerville

SMSFun is the best! i have never used a better smsing service in my life. Also there is lots to do on the site. I love it :) thank you SMSFun!
Posted by:Luke from Gosford

Posted by:Jaymi from Melbourne

I really love being able to type my sms from computer rather than using one or two fingers. Easier than using the phone keypad. Thanks
Posted by:Stephen from Adelaide

Smsfun is a great website helps alot wen im running low on credit. (Y)
Posted by:Blessa from Adelaide

This site is by far the best FREE sms site on the internet in my opinion. It doesnt put any ads at the end of the sms u send... which is the only service i have ever come across that has that. This truely is a SMS Community as they put it... the chatroom is great, the prizes are great and their initiatives are great... e.g. clicking on banners to get Joobz (awesome way to support the site and get more sms as well). There are a lot more features i got go on about but i clearly believe this is gotta be the best sms site that has ever been set up.
Posted by:Gloamglozer from Brisbane

great site keep it up 100% the best
Posted by:Josh from Brisbane

Sms fun is fricken awesome! love the free txts (who wouldn't) and its a great place to meet people and have a chat. I practically live off it lol!
Posted by:Grace from Geelong

i love darkdreams and every one at smsfun chatroom. haha, seeya lovers!
Posted by:Simp from Melbourne

www.smsfun.com.au is the BESt site EVER....
Posted by:Jodie from Melbourne

lmaooooo how u helped me was the funiest ever during year 12 exams it was really easy to piss of my year 12 friends ;) just sit home nd continously sms them lol all of them had thier fones on silent :P but still it vibrated nd it was distracting :P soo evil :P lmaoooo ahh well they didnt mind nd they all scored above 95% anyways smart currys lol yep thats how smsfun helped me nd for that im gratefull =D
Posted by:Danyal from Melborune

heya smsfun is great but sometimes i wish i had txt...but its still really good... im heaps happy with this site guys...
Posted by:Jessica from Brisbane

Hey SMSFUN, I just like to say a massive thanks to you guys in regards to winning the iPhone, im so stoked hey. I didn't Realise how many cool things you can do with the phone. Its good that the phone is unlocked as well, firmware 1.1.1. Once again thanks, its made my christmas and new year. Chris.
Posted by:Chris from Forest lodge

cant wait untill sms fun becomes a classic espeacially the chat room hands up for sms fun wooooooooo weeeeee
Posted by:Alex from Altona

Posted by:Murray from

sms is heaps gooood. who culd complain bout free sms's?
Posted by:Mark from Toormina

omg you guys are saving me money everyday and i love you for that if your web site was a girl i would marry her ^^
Posted by:Jake from Ryde

Posted by:Charmine from Tivoli

yaya its fully wicked. I haven't had to recharge my credit in 2 weeks thanks to smsfun. no dodgy conditions either.
Posted by:Matt from Melbourne

I love this site. every time i run out of credit. i can always rely on smsfun XD. Thank you sooo much <3
Posted by:Aleesha from Whyalla

AWESOME!! To The Extreme!! no fees what so ever!! SWEET!!
Posted by:Simone from Glenrowan

Posted by:Daniel from Syd

sms fun is awsom!!!
Posted by:Taylor-Anne from Coffs

smsfun is pretty great ey...sending a fool a friend is very funny to watch. keep the cool stuff coming!
Posted by:Jay from Brisbane

SmS FuN IS A WiCkEd SiTe I UsE ALL My CrEdItS EvErYDaY!!!
Posted by:SH3LbY from Canberra

Posted by:Cindy from Sydney

Posted by:Brad from Tannum Sands

OMG i have noooooo credit and its better because now i can just go on the computer and message for free.....I've told ALL my friends and they love it to IT ROCKS MY SOCKS
Posted by:Nancy from Sydney

I used to use smspup but their dumb surveys mean I could only send a couple of free sms each day but sms fun is really good!!! Thanks!! :)
Posted by:Amalyna from Melbourne

my boyfriend and i use smsfun every day to arrange dates. smsfun rules
Posted by:Josh from Hobart

Posted by:Peter from Sydney

WOOT WOOT!!! lurve u guys 4 this!! now i can keep up w/ my bf without wasting ma credit!! luv ya's megz
Posted by:Megan from Brisbane

it's cool
Posted by:Julian from Melbourne

It's awesome... free sms's send INSTANTLY, with no charge at all :) PERFECT :) Thanks smsfun.com.au
Posted by:Matthew from Avenel

smsfun is so much faster and easier to use than smspup which I used touse and there is no crappy surveys either on smsfun! I am a SMSFUN girl for life!! :))
Posted by:Julia from Gold Coast

Its pretty sweet, love the free txts...pitty u cant write big txts or group txts and uve only got 10 a day :P...but other then that, it rocks!
Posted by:Eddie from Brisbane

I told my boyfriend that i dont wanna date him any more. Thanks to Smsfun.com.au i didnt have to waste one more cent on him
Posted by:Kieran from Newcastle

Posted by:Kathy from Melbourne

I used SMSfun.com.au to dump my ex girlfriend.
Posted by:Matthew from Melbourne

I always forget to add credit to my phone, so i hate it when i need to reply to a message and have no credit! but thanks to you site, i always have a place i can send free sms from! thanks heaps :)
Posted by:Matt from Brisbane
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